Information for Pensioners/Health Care Card Holders

Current Medicare rebates do not reflect the cost of delivering a comprehensive quality medical service. The bulk billing incentive is being reduced from 1 January 2020 and because of this, we have taken the difficult decision that we will no longer be able to bulk bill pension and health care card holders from this date.

A reduced fee on Monday to Friday will be a substantial discount compared with the usual gap for non- concessional patients of $37.70. Full payment of the consultation fee is expected at the completion of your medical appointment and the Medicare rebate can be paid directly into your account. Weekend appointments are generally billed the standard fee for all.

As a Medicare Card holder, you are automatically enrolled in the Medicare Safety Net program. Once your out-of-hospital (GP and specialist consultations, radiology and pathology) total gap payments reach a certain threshold in a calendar year, you will automatically receive back 80% of any further gap payments made during that calendar year.

Doctors may consider reduced fees or bulk billing for an individual consultation if exceptional circumstances exist, please discuss this with your GP.  Thank you for your understanding.